Feb 11

Embrace Change

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Recently the question “Are you scared of Change in Business?” was asked.  In my opinion, “Change” is a main ingredient to success; it is a very important and necessary component.  In order to be successful and advance with new technologies, economic variances and new industry requirements, regulations and/or transformations, a company and its leadership needs […]

Feb 11

QTP – Web Recording Issue

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Software versions: QTP v11, IE8, Windows7
Issue: All of a sudden QuickTest Pro stopped recognizing the web browser and saw it only as a winobject (like a regular GUI window).  So none of my actions on the web page would get recorded, and my test script would be empty.  Obviously this is a major problem.
Solution: The […]

Feb 11

Basics of System Testing vs End-to-End Testing

System Testing and “End-to-End” Testing can be very similar but typically the difference is that with System Testing you are exercising the functionality of your application with how it interfaces with other components (applications) in your environment.  An examle of this is with data feeds, your app may send a data file/feed to another application […]