Nov 11

What is A/B testing?

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Normally this is where you are testing out two different consumer experiences to see which one yields better results.  It might be for traffic, path progression, cosmetic appeal, click-throughs, etc.  This is normally conducted by the business, in Production and performed by driving a specific volume of traffic evenly across the two platforms for a […]

Nov 11

Follow us on Twitter @ASITesting

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We have a new Twitter account @ASITesting so if you like Twitter you can follow us there too. Click on this post and then click the Follow button below the post to begin following us!

Nov 11

Changing Test Settings During Test Execution

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QTP Coding Tip: There are a variety of test setting in QuickTest Pro, and you can change the Test Settings in QuickTest Pro from within your test script during test execution if you have a need to.  Some examples are as follows.
Changing Object Synchronization Timeout from within a QTP script:

Nov 11

Thought of the Day – Great Leaders

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This is a small growing compulation of great leadership quotes to think about.