Feb 13

Learn QTP v11 Fundamentals

QuickTest Professional version 11 Fundamentals Online Training course has been released!

QTP version 10 Learn Online Today Buy Now

QuickTest Pro version 11 Online Training – Only $50! Includes 11 lessons consisting of 190 online pages of training material!  This course will teach you the basic fundamentals of using QTP in both a standard GUI based application and web-based applications.  You will be able to create test scripts using the various point-and-click features, tips and tricks, structure approaches and how to handle the various data deviations found in normal testing.  Begin your learning experience online now; work at your own pace, at home, on the road or where it is convenient for you, and on your own time schedule. The QuickTest Pro v11 Fundamentals course is developed with eLearning presentations containing robust feature explanations, images and some quizzes showing you exactly how to perform the features without guessing. Online training is great because of the flexibility it provides you! As a consultant this gives you skills that are in demand and you will make back the cost of the class on your first day of a new consulting engagement. If you are unemployed this is a worthwhile investment that can give you the edge in an interview and provide you a skillset that is extremely marketable and desirable by companies looking for highly skilled testers. This can be a small investment for a great new opportunity!

Online training is great because you can work at your own pace, whenever it is convenient for you. You can do this work during down-time at work, over your lunch break, at home, or even at your kids sports practice if a wireless connection is available (we’ve had parents tell us how their kids hockey rink has wireless and so they would bring their laptop to the practice and go over some of the lessons during the practice).

I have customers from around the world to include the entire United States, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. What makes my training so popular is that I have 17 years of experience implementing the product line in real-world scenarios. So I’m not some tech writer or an instructor who has never actually used the tool. I have implemented solutions for some of the biggest corporations with incredible success. Click here for PDF file of Company Reference List

Course Details: This lesson includes over 11 lessons consisting of 190 online training pages of material for only $50. The Lessons covered in this class are:

    1. Introduction
    2. Record & Playback
    3. Object Repository
    4. Standard Checkpoints
    5. Bitmap Checkpoints
    6. Text Checkpoints
    7. Database Checkpoints
    8. Parameterization
    9. Data Driven Testing
    10. Output Values
    11. Actions

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