Jul 12

Number of Working Days

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I’m recommending a great FREE simple web based tool that has been very useful in many calculations that I’ve had to do for testing, automation and management stats & reporting – it is called “Business day calculator in the USA” and it is found at http://www.workingdays.us/
This web based tool enables you to enter a date range and based on the range you enter, automatically calculates the following items:

  1. days
  2. working days
  3. week-end days
  4. public holidays

It will also list the holidays for you that it is using in the one stat so you can see that list and determine if you want to make an adjustment.  If you don’t recognize one of the holidays you can then click on the “x” after the holiday and it will then be removed from the list which also updates the stats.  There is even a linke for “your setup” where you can specify your state, which updates the known holidays for that area and then you can make modifications to that list to be more specific to you.  Likewise you can also specify what days are considered your weekend to also provide more accurate stats.

It’s a simple yet very useful tool that is free on the internet.  I highly recommend it!

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