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QC Not Running a QTP Script

Situation: When running a QuickTest Pro test script from a test set within the Quality Center, it will sometimes hang without ever connecting to QTP.  The “Automatic Runner” window appears to hang (become unresponsive) with the Status field empty and it just sits there doing nothing and never runs the script no matter how long you let it go.  You can’t seem to Stop the run either since clicking on the “Stop” or “Stop All” buttons seem to do nothing.  It doesn’t look like anything is running but you can’t stop the process and close the window at all; QC is useless at this point and QTP never even opens the test script for test execution.

QC v10
QTP v11 (current on patches)

Solution:   In case you have run into this scenario, here are some steps to quickly resolve the issue without having to completely kill the Quality Center and end up with a QC license tied up since you terminated the connection abnormally.  The following solution is not a permanent solution as I still experience the problem randomly, but this only happens sometimes during the start of a new day (but not always).  These steps enable you to recover from not being able to do anything to being able to get QC to run the QTP test script immediately without any issues and then continue working fine the rest of the day.

When this situation occurs, I find that the QC “Automatic Runner” window won’t connect to QTP and the window just hangs on you, which doesn’t let you close it nor continue using QC.  If you open the Windows Task Manager, you will find these two processes listed:


The Description for both is “QC UI”.  What I’ve noticed is that when this situation occurs, “mediator64.exe” is created and seems to be the problem.  If you select each one of these and click “End Process” they will go away.  When you stop the “wexectrl.exe” it will display a couple of warning dialog boxes from QC.  This is ok and just close them.  After stopping both processes I recommend closing the “Automatic Runner” window.  Now if you click “Run” and run the test script again it always works and if you monitor the Task Manager what you will notice now that “wexectrl.exe” will appear which is normal, but “mediator64.exe” no longer appears and instead you get “AQTRmtAgent.exe” in the list instead.  At this point everything executes properly and you don’t get any issues the rest of the day.  Once you shutdown and start a new day you might run into this again, but the steps above have always been reliable.  It’s annoying to deal with but the steps can be executed very quickly and QC always runs successfully immediately after doing these steps.

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