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QTP 9.x Discontinuance Announcement

Quick Test Professional (QTP) 9.1x + 9.2x

Update Alert from HP: HP released an announcement on August 8, 2012 that the discontinuance of Quick Test Professional (QTP) 9.1x + 9.2x is related to those versions only. HP’s statement said “HP is announcing just the version obsolescence of QTP 9.1x + 9.2x instead of a complete product discontinuance effective as of the dates set forth below”.  HP said that you may continue to renew support for your QTP products and have access to the latest versions of QTP. You also have the option to purchase an upgrade to HP Unified Functional Testing includes all of the functionality of QTP, all the QTP add-ins, and HP Service Test for validating APIs and services without a GUI.

This shouldn’t be that big of a deal for most companies as the QTP 9.x versions are pretty old at this point.  If it is possible, I highly recommend you get to the latest version 11.  In addition, keep in mind that you can reduce your costs by purchasing the QTP Essentials v11 product if you are only testing web based applications.  QTP Essentials is the same QTP v11 product, but just with a limited amount of add-ins provided as it only supports “Web and Rich Internet Application (RIA) support”.  Their documentation states “HP QTP Essentials supports the following add-in environments: ActiveX, Java, Visual Basic, Web, .NET, WPF, and Silverlight. It also supports ASP, .NET, and AJAX through Web extensibility”.

Read more about QTP Essentials from the HP data sheet: QTP Essentials Data sheet

Key Program Dates for discontinuance of Quick Test Professional (QTP) version 9.x:

Date Details

Oct 1, 2011 Support customer notification

Dec. 1, 2011 End of sale (no longer orderable or availabe for purchase)

April 30, 2013 End or Support for FT 9.5x

April 30, 2015 Self-Help Support Ends for FT 9.5x

Detailed information regarding this discontinuance can be found at:


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