Jun 12

QTP Advance Online Training

QuickTest Professional Advance Online Training has just been released!

Learn some neat and useful advance features of QuickTest Professional!  This QuickTest Pro course includes 9 lessons consisting of 80 online training pages of material for only $50.  This training will teach you advance techniques in order to take your test automation to a new level of testing!  This training covers programming in QTP, advance built-in features and interfacing with a variety of Object Models to do some really cool but very useful tasks to greatly enhance the variety of testing situations you will find yourself in when implementing QuickTest Pro.  The topics covered include: VBScript, Descriptive Programming, XML Checkpoints, Advance Data Table Techniques, Global Dictionary, Using WSH with QTP, Using FSO with QuickTest Pro, Advance Database Techniques, and Microsoft Office Object Model.  Learn more and purchase the course on the Products page.

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