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QTP – Test Script not found

In order for QTP to open, save and run test scripts in the Quality Center, you must establish a connection between the two tools.  In QTP you will want to select “File > ALM/QC Connection” and provide all the settings necessary for QTP to connect all the way down to the QC Project you want to deal with. 

HP ALM Connection

However over time with no activity (say you opened QTP at 8:30am and then don’t get around to working on a script till 2pm that day) you might get an odd error message saying the script you are trying to access ‘does not exist’ when in fact you know it does exist.  This is actually because the connection timed out between the two tools.  Even though you may have an extended timeout setting for QC itself defined in the Site Administrator tool, the QTP connection seems to timeout on inactivity after several hours.

The solution is simple, open the “ALM/QC Connection” window and fully disconnect all the settings.  So you will want to click the “Logout” button for the Project, then click the “Change User” button for the user authentication and finally click the “Disconnect” button to the QC server.  Now simply connect again all the way down to the Project and everything will be fine again.  This is a simple solution but the error message is rather confusing and can make you nervous thinking you lost your test script when all you have to do is re-establish your connection – too bad it doesn’t just say that.

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