Dec 12

QTP – Test Script not found

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In order for QTP to open, save and run test scripts in the Quality Center, you must establish a connection between the two tools.  In QTP you will want to select “File > ALM/QC Connection” and provide all the settings necessary for QTP to connect all the way down to the QC Project you want […]

Dec 12

QC Connecting To QTP

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There is an odd setting requirement that has to be selected/”turned on” in order for the Quality Center to be able to connect to QTP and run test scripts.  In QTP you must do the following (these steps are based on QTP v11):

Feb 10

Connecting QC to QTP

Connecting the Quality Center to QuickTest Pro
A common problem and question that I see a lot from people is “How do I see my QuickTest Pro script in the Quality Center?”  This is normally a very simple issue to resolve, mainly because it was a process that was just not setup initially.  After the installation […]