Jun 12

Recovery Scenario

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Someone recently asked the question “what are the disadvantages of using the Recovery Scenario feature”?  I’m not sure I would use the word “disadvantage” but I would word it more like “challenge”.  The challenge to using/implementing the Recovery Scenario feature is the challenge of trying to identify and plan for an unexpected event.  That’s the […]

May 12

Test Metrics & Reports

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“If you don’t measure it, how can you manage it?” is a great phrase that applies to test management.  In order to effectively manage a team, you need to track results and report on them if you expect to make meaningful decisions.  In software testing that means tracking testing progress and defects at a minimum.  […]

Sep 11

Open Source Defect Tracking

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I have always used the Quality Center which is not open source and rather expensive but the best test management tool out there offering many features other than just defect tracking.  But if you can’t afford it then the two open source defect tracking tools I know of and have used that are good and will […]

Aug 11

Severity and Priority – Do we really need them?

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In an ideal environment all the defects found in a release would get fixed before the project went live in Production.  However with today’s fast paced businesses, projects are typically defined for a specifc delivery date with very little to no room for date extensions.  This is largely due to having to meet a business […]