Nov 12

QTP v11 “Locked cells cannot be modified”

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Tips & Tricks: Recently I ran into an issue where I received the error “Locked cells cannot be modified” when trying to modify a cell in an existing QuickTest Pro data table. 

Aug 12

Excel – Hidden Sheets

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Tips & Tricks: Using Excel 2010, I recently ran into a situation where I was importing an Excel Worksheet into the Quality Center as a “Data table” resource and noticed that in the “Resource Viewer” for the worksheet after importing it, there were two worksheets listed but my spreadsheet only showed one.  Initially it drove […]

Jun 12

QTP Advance Online Training

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QuickTest Professional Advance Online Training has just been released!
Learn some neat and useful advance features of QuickTest Professional!  This QuickTest Pro course includes 9 lessons consisting of 80 online training pages of material for only $50.  This training will teach you advance techniques in order to take your test automation to a new level of […]

Mar 11

QuickTest Pro Data Table Limitations

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This article is written based on QuickTest Professional version 10, however it applies to most of the past versions.
What is the Maximum Rows and Columns in QuickTest Pro?
The data table built into QuickTest Professional is actually a 3rd party product that was integrated into the product back when Mercury Interactive first created AstraQuickTest.  This tool […]