May 12

Test Metrics & Reports

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“If you don’t measure it, how can you manage it?” is a great phrase that applies to test management.  In order to effectively manage a team, you need to track results and report on them if you expect to make meaningful decisions.  In software testing that means tracking testing progress and defects at a minimum.  […]

Apr 12

QTP v11 Patches Overview

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Below is an overview/summary of some of the key patches needed for QuickTest Professional (QTP) version 11 for performing automation with the standard plugins and particularly the Web add-in on Windows7.  Since this gets confusing I summarized them below.

Oct 11

Web Browser Versions, Stats and Testing

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If your business is on the internet, then you need to be concerned with how your website looks on the various browsers that are currently available to users.  You never know what browser a user is going to use to view your website, and if it doesn’t look good then they will leave and you […]