Oct 12

Your Thoughts

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Leadership quote worth thinking about:
“Your thoughts determine your character…The first person you lead is you.”

Jul 12

Number of Working Days

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I’m recommending a great FREE simple web based tool that has been very useful in many calculations that I’ve had to do for testing, automation and management stats & reporting – it is called “Business day calculator in the USA” and it is found at http://www.workingdays.us/

May 12

Test Metrics & Reports

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“If you don’t measure it, how can you manage it?” is a great phrase that applies to test management.  In order to effectively manage a team, you need to track results and report on them if you expect to make meaningful decisions.  In software testing that means tracking testing progress and defects at a minimum.  […]

Apr 12

Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses

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I read a great article today on the Inc.com website.  The article was titled “8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses” written  by Geoffrey James and was very true to the differences  between exceptional bosses that truly know how to manage and lead, versus the managers that really struggle with how to do it right. 

Mar 12

How detailed should manual test cases be?

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This topic came up recently and a lot of discussion was made on it but I think it can be summarized pretty simple based on my experience – write the test steps with enough detail that a person who knows nothing about the functionality can execute the test case and verify the requirement without having […]

Jan 12

Vision is everything for a Leader

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Here is a great passage about vision for leaders:
“Vision is everything for a leader.  It is utterly indispensable.  Why?  Because vision leads the leaders.  It paints the targets, sparks and fuels the fire within, and draws them forward.

Nov 11

Thought of the Day – Great Leaders

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This is a small growing compulation of great leadership quotes to think about. 

Feb 11

Embrace Change

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Recently the question “Are you scared of Change in Business?” was asked.  In my opinion, “Change” is a main ingredient to success; it is a very important and necessary component.  In order to be successful and advance with new technologies, economic variances and new industry requirements, regulations and/or transformations, a company and its leadership needs […]

Jun 10

Top 10 Leadership Characteristics

Tips on Being a Great Leader – Part 1
“Top 10 Leadership Characteristics”
This is a topic that you could write a book on and there are in fact many books on leadership.  The idea of this blog is to create a short but concise blog series on this important topic.  As a manager in my professional […]