Feb 13

Learn QTP v11 Fundamentals

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QuickTest Professional version 11 Fundamentals Online Training course has been released!

QuickTest Pro version 11 Online Training – Only $50! Includes 11 lessons consisting of 190 online pages of training material!  This course will teach you the basic fundamentals of using QTP in both a standard GUI based application and web-based applications.  You will be able […]

Jun 12

QTP Advance Online Training

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QuickTest Professional Advance Online Training has just been released!
Learn some neat and useful advance features of QuickTest Professional!  This QuickTest Pro course includes 9 lessons consisting of 80 online training pages of material for only $50.  This training will teach you advance techniques in order to take your test automation to a new level of […]

Nov 11

Changing Test Settings During Test Execution

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QTP Coding Tip: There are a variety of test setting in QuickTest Pro, and you can change the Test Settings in QuickTest Pro from within your test script during test execution if you have a need to.  Some examples are as follows.
Changing Object Synchronization Timeout from within a QTP script: