Feb 13

Learn QTP v11 Fundamentals

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QuickTest Professional version 11 Fundamentals Online Training course has been released!

QuickTest Pro version 11 Online Training – Only $50! Includes 11 lessons consisting of 190 online pages of training material!  This course will teach you the basic fundamentals of using QTP in both a standard GUI based application and web-based applications.  You will be able […]

Jul 12

Why Write Test Cases?

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There was a recent question raised that asked “why write test cases if you already know the functionality of the application?”   This an interesting point of view that unfortunately is fairly common actually.  I think a lot of people take this perspective because they have so much work to do that taking the time to […]

Oct 11

Quality Center Backup Strategy

If implemented properly, the Quality Center will become an incredible resource for all your testing information in your test team and become the core for your test strategy & methodology.  Because of this it is extremely important for you to protect this information with not only proper security but to backup this information in order […]

Oct 11

Web Browser Versions, Stats and Testing

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If your business is on the internet, then you need to be concerned with how your website looks on the various browsers that are currently available to users.  You never know what browser a user is going to use to view your website, and if it doesn’t look good then they will leave and you […]

Aug 11

Severity and Priority – Do we really need them?

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In an ideal environment all the defects found in a release would get fixed before the project went live in Production.  However with today’s fast paced businesses, projects are typically defined for a specifc delivery date with very little to no room for date extensions.  This is largely due to having to meet a business […]

Apr 10

Test Time Estimation

An interesting Test Management topic came up on LinkedIn that I responded to and thought I’d expand on it on my blog site. The question was “How can a test manager provide an accurate estimation like time, cost, resources for the test case creation, testing like Functional, regression and system testing for a large project?” […]

Mar 10

SDLC Hardware Environments

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This blog article might seem to many people as a very basic topic and the content obvious. However I’m surprised at how often I still come across technology departments that do not have proper hardware environments for software development that maintains code integrity, security, isolation and Production similar configurations. Let’s discuss the basic high-level configuration […]

Mar 10

Why Declare a Variable in VBScript?

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VBScript is a very flexible scripting language that provides full programming capabilities for various implementations.  VBScript is the programming language used by QuickTest Pro, so when you are in the Expert View doing some advanced programming you will regularly create variables and use them to hold various data values.  All variables in VBScript are of […]