Jun 12

QTP Advance Online Training

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QuickTest Professional Advance Online Training has just been released!
Learn some neat and useful advance features of QuickTest Professional!  This QuickTest Pro course includes 9 lessons consisting of 80 online training pages of material for only $50.  This training will teach you advance techniques in order to take your test automation to a new level of […]

Sep 11

VBScript Procedures in QTP

Tips & Tricks Series – VBScript Procedures Overview
If you are using QuickTest Pro, then QTP uses VBScript as the programming language and there are basically two types of procedures in VBScript – Functions and Subroutines.  The main difference between them is

Jan 10

QTP: Send Outlook Email

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QuickTest Pro sample code – sending an email using Outlook
This QuickTest Pro code sample shows how you can create a subroutine that will send an email using Microsoft Outlook.  The subroutine is defined and can either be placed at the top of your script (must be executed first before it is called in order for the […]