Jul 12

Number of Working Days

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I’m recommending a great FREE simple web based tool that has been very useful in many calculations that I’ve had to do for testing, automation and management stats & reporting – it is called “Business day calculator in the USA” and it is found at http://www.workingdays.us/

Oct 11

Web Browser Versions, Stats and Testing

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If your business is on the internet, then you need to be concerned with how your website looks on the various browsers that are currently available to users.  You never know what browser a user is going to use to view your website, and if it doesn’t look good then they will leave and you […]

Feb 11

QTP – Web Recording Issue

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Software versions: QTP v11, IE8, Windows7
Issue: All of a sudden QuickTest Pro stopped recognizing the web browser and saw it only as a winobject (like a regular GUI window).  So none of my actions on the web page would get recorded, and my test script would be empty.  Obviously this is a major problem.
Solution: The […]

Jan 10

Website Designs

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In addition to all the software development, test automation, management, leadership and configuration management…Shawn also does some custom website designs like this current ASI website and the following ones: